Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks on Thanksgiving, NYT!

I would like to offer thanks, this Thanksgiving, to the “Gray Lady”, the venerable 150 year old New York Times, for all the wonderful information she keeps at my fingertips. Bless her for that. Thanks to her archives, I can learn about Thanksgiving history, I can find out, for instance, that in 1895, turkeys were going high at 16-20¢ a pound, apples $2.50 a barrel, cranberries were $10-$10.50 a barrel and celery was a princely 30¢ a bunch. I can learn what was popular on this holiday in NY 100 years ago, thanks to the menu they published:

I can learn that yesterday may not be so different from today with holiday cooks following the suggestions of celebrity chefs. The Thanksgiving menu of a famous chef was published on that November 1895 day:

Or, thanks to the wonders of technology and a marvelous NYT's music feature, I can hear recordings, that were made 100 years ago and discovered in a vault in the Paris Opera in a time capsule that was opened this year and that are perfect listening for a retro holiday celebration... Treasures From the Paris Opera Vaults !

Because the 1890’s are hot again, as we see in another article about fashion this month in the NYT, and complete with ravishing tintypes from the brilliant David Sokosh

The more we spin into the future, the more many of us are dipping our toes into the past. Honestly, can the 19th Century look any better with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law Holmes-&-Watsoning in high budget glory in Sherlock Holmes this Christmas? It looks amazing, all that gorgeous set dressing!

Clothing and entertaining are moving back in time to be the next big thing!

(Thanks to Sarah @ 4poundsFlour for the picture and the post about it!)

With his finger on new trends, this year Zagat hosted amazing vintner’s dinners at some of the greatest restaurants in NY. The theme was 19th century food and style (doesn't it make you want to run to Replacements for some old Minton?).

So I say, thanks, NYT on this Thanksgiving for your archives, for making the old new again, for making my mornings brighter. Long may you print!

PS And thanks for all my new blog friends/readers. It's great hearing from you!


Pam said...

I love the times myself. I had no idea the archives would hold such treasures. Thanks for the heads up. How on earth did they eat all that food?

Deana Sidney said...

You have no idea... these are small menus!

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