Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gilded Age Cuisine

There is nothing that helps conjure another time better than food.
Ask a man about his fondest memories and he will tell you about some creamy goodness his mother made for him. Gilded Age (1870-1893) cuisine is the ancestral mother load of well-dressed comfort food in a shimmering ocean of butter and cream. Close your eyes. Imagine your perfectly tailored reflection gazing back at you from a golden looking glass with an army of servants behind you, fulfilling your every wish. A giant silver dome opens to reveal a brace of pheasants anointed in a rich vinaceous sauce. As the server dexterously maneuvers a bird onto your gilded china, the snowy starched linen glows, heavily faceted china flares and you snap back from your reverie to the present day's deadlines and wailing sirens.
This is written for all of us who wish we could click out heels and be back in time. I'll give some context and then recipes.

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